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    Hat Buying – What the “X” Means

    Close up of felt hat. What does the "X" mean?
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    The X rating system has become a staple of the hat industry. Given how the system has been increasingly adopted, you’ve probably already come across hats with different “X” ratings....

    Hat Sizing - Finding Your Right Hat Size

    Image of sewing tape measure. How to measure your head
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    So, you’re looking for a hat and you wonder: how do I measure my hat size? And what do those sizes on hat labels mean anyway? Don’t worry. It’s simple. ...

    A Simple Guide to Straw Hat Types

    Close up of straw hat. Different types of straw blog
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    Straw hats have gained popularity over the years, finding their way onto the priority list of many people’s warm-weather essentials. They bring an elegant boost to any outfit and are...

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