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Our Founding Principles

Willow Lane was founded with a deep rooted and unwavering commitment to family and customer care. We believe you are NOT an anonymous number on a screen ordering items that are shipped from China where no one cares. Willow Lane brings you an eclectic blend of unique bohemian-styled jewelry, hats, accessories, and clothing. All lovingly crafted & designed with you, the socially conscious, expressive woman in mind. Superior customer care is our primary focus. From your very first purchase, we consider you part of the Willow Lane family...and family is forever.  We are a socially conscious business leading an expanding movement supporting the Cystic Fibrosis community and giving back.

How It All Started

 This all started when our beloved son/brother Beau was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis before he was even born in 2000. Today, Beau is the strongest person that we know. He is a quirky, funny, science-loving, musically inclined young man who brings us joy every day. Taking care of Beau has always been a job that requires a great deal of attention and time. It became evident that he would need our full attention in 2016 when Beau had to begin using a wheelchair and was diagnosed with diabetes. The seriousness of his illness struck our family hard and we realized that we needed to make Beau our primary focus. Staying home to take care of Beau and fulfilling our lifelong dream of creating and running a business lead to the birth of Willow Lane. And just like our family, Willow Lane stands for long-lasting loyalty, value, beauty, and quality in every facet of our business.

Our Promise

We promise to bring you beautifully crafted jewelry, accessories, and clothing that reflect your inner bohemian freedom: "socially unconventional in an artistic way." We are committed to bringing you products that are lovingly crafted & designed with you, the socially conscious, expressive woman in mind.


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